"7 Days of a woman age 30", Leather and aluminum, 48 in x 48 in. Detail 2015

7 Days

"14 Days" angle. Wood blocks, tacks, leather on wall and canvas primed panels, 9’ x 14’. 14 days of time-use tracking, color coded by activity. 2015 installation at Pavel Zoubok gallery in New York.

Leather blocks

"Daily Time Slices Aug 25" detail. Laser etched wood blocks, pigment and aluminum on alumalite, 40” x 48” x 2”. 21 days of 24 hour time-tracking. 2014



Floating Data



Nightly Sleep Analyzed, 8 ft x 10 ft, laser cut wood, embedded blocks, pigment. 2014


"Austin, Week 47" 72" x 72" cut found and handmade paper on 9 alumalite panels


Detail of obby installation at thirteen23, 2013. 11 ft x 65 ft, wood, dowels, lasercut holes, abet laminate samples.

30 days of chat room metadata

"Goodbye Oklahoma" Walking, Eating, Sleeping installation at Oklahoma Contemporary (artist in silhouette)

Walking, Eating, Sleeping


lasercut tracking drawings


Making Tracks

"Moodjam" detail, abet laminati countertop samples for tracking your mood in color. 2012


quantify_me_with falling section


“Pattern portraits – greenr” test pattern. Watercolor and ink collage, 9″ x 9″, 2011

Pattern portraits

"Pokey Red" detail

sleep drawings


Sleep patterns

7 Stages, 6 Categories, 264 ALS Patients - final stacking of the blocks built from population data of ALS patients at the Carolina's Healthcare Neurology Center

7 stages, 6 categories, 264 ALS patients


Walking thru cardboard

January, 54in x 72in, found postcards, junk-mail, paperback book covers, cut and adhered to 9 cradled hardpanels, 2010

Continuous partial attention

New York Cool, 2008, 4" x 4" cut paper on aluminum panel

Imagined Time