Seen from below.

Floating Data

Daily Time Slices, detail. 40 in x 48", 2014.


Detail of obby installation at thirteen23, 2013. 11 ft x 65 ft, wood, dowels, lasercut holes, abet laminate samples.

30 days of chat room metadata

"Goodbye Oklahoma" Walking, Eating, Sleeping installation at Oklahoma Contemporary (artist in silhouette)

Walking, Eating, Sleeping


Making Tracks

"Moodjam" detail, abet laminati countertop samples for tracking your mood in color. 2012


Walking, week 42, Cut found and handmade paper on 9 alumalite panels, 72" x 72", 2012



Sleep patterns

7 Stages, 6 Categories, 264 ALS patients -- close detail of slices of 2x4 wood slices, pigmented and burned with ages and patient professions

7 stages, 6 categories, 264 ALS patients


Walking thru cardboard

January, 54in x 72in, found postcards, junk-mail, paperback book covers, cut and adhered to 9 cradled hardpanels, 2010

Continuous partial attention

New York Cool, 2008, 4" x 4" cut paper on aluminum panel

Imagined Time