Human data turned into pattern

Human data turned into pattern


Your life makes beautiful patterns. Exploring the future of data about you.


We’re almost thru the decade when humans shift from mysterious beings - to big data algorithms, where everything about us will be known. Rather than worry, I envision a time when personal data is a unique glimpse into our hidden personality. Patterns of behavior will become patterned artworks and the mass of data will predict our lives.

Your life, your data makes beautiful patterns. Animatic created by Lisa Woods at thirteen23 for the creation of FRICKbits.


FRICKbits: Take back your data and turn it into art!

... the ultimate ‘data-selfie’. It’s your life, your data, why not turn it into art? Original images and video here. iOS FRICKbits app from artist Laurie Frick is now opensource here.