7 days....time tracking

Do we agonize, procrastinate or consciously think about how we spend our time? We make split-second decisions about what we do… how we spend our time is a reflection of our basic nature.

If YOU are defined by time, the activities and unconscious use of time says loads about your psyche, your personality and your inner-self. Your sense of who you are is based on the recollection of recent events, and what you are doing and intend to do. It’s your basic orientation in the world. 

These are 7 days of time tracking from the Multinational Time-Use survey, color coded by activity and quantity of time spent. 2015.

Floating data

After some thought, I decided it’s more than just seeing personal data and abstract patterns of you. It’s about what these patterns will tell us about ourselves. Perhaps seeing the abstract patterns and rhythms of your own data is a short-cut to mindfulness. A quick and dirty way to boost your immune system, the benefits of meditation and self-reflection without much effort.

Lasercut or 3D printed, recycled and immediate as texture in the spaces we live. 


Take back your data and turn it into art!

... the ultimate ‘data-selfie’. It’s your life, your data, why not turn it into art? FREE iphone app from artist Laurie Frick.