3D printing - yes, absolutely we'll live in spaces with wall texture built from patterns of OUR self-tracking data

While at NYU's ITP camp this summer (it's the graduate program for art+technology) am on a mission to investigate 3D printing.  Am convinced the walls in the spaces we live will be textured by our self-tracking data produced by 3D printers and laser cutters.  Physical patterned texture from digital data. Have been imagining and fantasizing about how insightful data about ourselves....bio data, self-quantified, but also our physical movement and virtual movement through the online world will be reproduced easily and almost real-time. It's a way to watch our unconscious behavior and understand ourselves. Because we both  don't pay attention in the first place, and then forget.

Couple things so far that are quite interesting one of the other campers is producing clothes via 3D printing, yes you can order this bikini today.

And here is a thoughtful piece about how 3D printing is just the beginning of making digital technology in the physical world that learns to grow like biological organisms. Neri Oxman from MIT  media lab - likens the growth of 3D printing to the democratization of the printing press and moveable type. Totally right.