Launching a kickstarter for FRICKbits tomorrow!

I'm both kindof excited and scared to death. I'm getting ready to push the 'go' button for a kickstarter campaign for FRICKbits tomorrow. (it's LIVE now)FRICKbits_2pencil_phones I make hand-built work from self-tracking data, and realized the rules and procedures I follow are really an algorithm to turn anyone’s data into abstract patterns of art. Two years ago, I set out to make an iPhone app…and long story short, I met thirteen23 and we made a trade. One of the most amazing mobile technology shops in Austin Texas got a full lobby installation based on their chat metadata, and I got the first iteration of the FRICKbits iPhone app. And now I sorely need some funding help to get the free iPhone app into your hands, and finish development. Take back your data and let it mean something to YOU. 

All the tiny measurements can add up to a data portrait of you. Have you ever wondered what’s really known about you? Everything you post, every time you use a credit card, your phone log, search history, your location …mostly it’s a little creepy, and after we revoke a couple permissions for apps we don’t much care about, we try to forget about it. It feels hopeless. Usually when things are the darkest it’s exactly the time it starts to turn around. We’re at that moment right now, it’s not hopeless. But instead of agonizing about every big corporation tracking us …take back your data and make it something good. Use technology to boost a little self-reflection. Not ugly graphs and charts…but genuine art.

REWARDS are gorgeous heavy metal limited kickstarter edition of Pattern Portraits that inspired the look of FRICKbits.


The print on heavy metal has got to be seen to be believed, is also waterproof so you can put them in a kitchen, bathroom, on your desk or in a book shelf. The last award has big size prints too. Choose several and give the others as gifts. Seriously, my work has never been priced so cheap. Am putting every bit of energy into launching this app, am super excited, really want to make the rewards for supporting FRICKbits irresistible!