How to color code your zeo sleep data

Instructions and template for how to format zeo sleep using excel conditional formatting

  1. 1. export zeo sleep (it's the itty-bitty link underneath the green - manage your data button on the myzeo page)
  2. 2. open the excel file and highlight column BW - 5 min, detailed sleep
  3. 3. click Data--> text to columns --> select delimited (next) space (next) finish
  4. 4. do you want to replace? yes, then select most the columns with data (it'll be ragged cause amount of sleep varies)
  5. 5. open and use my sample excel sleep chart of 31 nights here --> Sleep_zeo_reformatted
  6. 6. copy and paste your data into the color formatted columns of the sample sheet - might have to select all the columns you pasted, right click and set column width to '1'
  7. 7. if you want to lengthen or change, just go into conditional formatting tab --> edit and change the cell range to cover the data you want to use the same colored formatting
  8. 8. fiddle around with copy/pasting from your data into the sample adding/deleting columns, better to just keep the ones that matter to you. Then you can play with excel to find mean, standard deviation and experiment with the correlate function.
  9. 9. I've added my withings weight, fitbit steps and city location to the same file - easy to delete those columns.
  10. 10.  yippee, you're there !