Making work

Hate to have so much time go by without an update. Had a little talk with myself that all energy needed to go into the making of work for this year. From a distance the life of a working artist looks leisurely with no  boss, no deadlines and lots of time. Right.

Am juggling work for 2 upcoming shows, a lobby installation, commission, group show, couple benefits and two upcoming art fairs.

On the measurement side, have been analyzing all the data I'm getting from my Basis watch (we hacked the download of data - cause they are offering no data export, ugh). From little sensors on the wrist side of the watch strap, it measures pulse, air temperature, skin temperature, galvanic skin response, calories and movement. Once every minute. It's a ton of data, but you get a very interesting picture of 'you', and in this case, me....over 24 hours, day after day. Have been fiddling with how the data tells a story, stay tuned...will post soon.

The image here has just been sitting in my pic file, and it grabs me everytime I see it...something about the movement and stance of the 2 viewers...the fact that they were both wearing black and seem to have come to really look at work in the booth. Was a great fair, and Edward Cella did a superb job at this show.

OK, back to work.