How much organization is enough?

Have been considering the human desire for organization. Isn't that why early northern civilizations survived cold/long winters. Those folks planned enough food for the winter, and prepped early enough to get all done before deep snow, the desire to have all in it's exact place must be buried in the dna. There is something incredibly soothing about the checked-off todo list, the clean counter and scads of old saved 'might possibly use them in the future' art supplies all put away in clear boxes. How much organization does the brain need to feel calm, and how much sends it over the 'I'm totally bored' edge.

I did read that the brain recognizes verticals and horizontals, is that why organization is about stacking and lining things up? Books on a shelf, stacks of paper, cabinets full of drawers, ....rather than piles.

Thinking of those verticals and horizontals -- looked again at several Mondrian paintings at San Francisco MOMA last week, and I do believe he was totally right. It must be vertical and horizontal.