First you make, make, make....then you talk, talk, talk.

I'm convinced the way we unconsciously slice our time reflects the underlying structure of our mind. I began self-tracking as a way to measure and then reverse engineer the unique pattern of ourselves. I believe there is something comforting and compelling about human metrics and realized I was not alone. Many, many people measure something about themselves every day.

Have been thinking about a high-tech future where everything can be easily captured and significantly added to my daily measurement in order to build a patterned language for self-tracking. What if walls could eventually produce ambient patterns of how we're doing, where we subtly adjust behavior in response to those measurements? The installation at Women & their Work is an experiment to test out this idea. I'll also talk about a ton of ways to use current gadgets to measure yourself, and how it all makes its way into my art practice.

Photo credit.  Image of me above is from Leon Alesi's Personal Space project.  See more of them here. Great work.