Fantasy future where wall texture is built from data about YOU

I'm playing with this fantasy future where all the spaces you live will have wall texture and patterns built from data about YOU. Where 'fantasy future' are the operative words. This doesn't actually work yet, and I have to bridge the gap using art-world science. And I think there is something magical and crucial that these patterns are physical....yes, generated digitally, but physical texture you can touch and know is real...not digital pixels. So, I've begun to find my way to actually make laser cut pieces that can be WALL size. For regular people, laser cutters have size limitations that are  maybe 18 or 24 inches on the short side and only 32 or 48 inches on the long side. Here I stitched together GPS walking tracks, fitbit steps and cumulative data from a week walking around my neighborhood in Brooklyn. All gathered, and drawn...using a little magic with illustrator vector files and cut from Rives BFK printmaking paper on a laser cutter while I was at NYU ITP summer camp. I used a sewing machine to sew them together...this piece is about