Artify...will we talk about artification - same as we talk about gamification?

We'll talk about ARTIFY the same way we talk about GAMIFY today...a way to make something addictive.

Art is a lens to think about, stop and examine an experience. It gets you to feel something and really stop and consider. Sometimes you think about it over and over and roll it around in your head for days or months afterward.

I predict we'll see phone apps (applications and usage on smart phones) begin to incorporate metaphor and artification of data and information to pull you into repetitive use. It's not about designing a more beautiful interface, but it's about presenting data and information in a way that gets you to see it anew. I think self-tracking data for weight, sleep, walking, running, heart-rate....and all the new body sensors will find ways to artify the data - so you can easily see patterns in your behaviour to anticipate and gain insight to you.