What if art made itself... the art version of a self-driving car.

I make work about data. Personal data gathered about you. The stuff we hardly notice, where we go, what we eat, how much we sleep, who we talk to, click on, write, what causes us stress and how we feel. Imagine a time when everything about our behavior and body is tracked, measured and known. EVERYTHING. Lately, I’ve shifted to how all this data will drive predictions and anticipate much about us. In the same way an artist follows mental rules and decisions for producing work, machine learning software will eventually produce algorithms that make art.

daily stress inventory predicts future chronic health conditions

We know AI robots are writing blog posts and impersonating humans as chat bots. Futurists predict the end of many white-collar jobs. Should we worry? PhD students write art algorithms that recreate paintings, computers learn to create new photographs of faces or scenes with no camera or image knitting involved. 

What if art made itself? The art version of a self-driving car. Imagine art in the future, will there be ‘real’ art and robot art? What happens when we move beyond pixels on glass and automate tangible data in the physical world? Mural walls that grow and recycle? Will people be less fearful if extreme insights from personal data are produced as textured pattern that look organic and colorful? Can we try out the future with a little experimentation today?