Art that targets the inner mind

What does art look like that targets the inner mind....not the flat, literal renderings of physical brains...but work that tries to feel what is inside your head....look like?  A show at the Drawing Center in 2005 of Agnes Martin, Emma Kunz and Hilma af Klint is the best example of work that uses abstraction as a means to connect cognitive powers, the process of life and visual art. Emma Kunz envisioned art as healing -- which is a powerful idea.  That something visual could trigger your brain chemistry to affect your a drug.  What if she's not wrong? (Emma Kunz n.d. approx 1930)

Jerry Saltz wrote a beautiful review of the show, about Martin he wrote...."To look at her work is to know what meditation feels like. Many of her early paintings and drawings come on like thunderstorms from across transcendental valleys. The sereneThis Rain (1960) looks like a Buddhist test pattern from the planet Rothko." (Agnes Martin 1963)