FRICKbits is live!! It's free, no catch. Download it now.

2014-10-31 08.55.39 download_button

Don't hesitate, hit the download now. It's going to take you a few days, weeks to really collect enough data to actually have it feel like art or anything resembling your patterns. Don't worry, I never see your data, everything all resides on your phone. If you are super curious, --go to my FRICKbits site, the privacy policy is on the front page.

It's taken years to get this first step. I almost can't believe it's live.

And this is just the beginning, I believe all that data and surveillance about you is meaningful. Perhaps the secret to figuring out who you are, rather than hide…I say grab it all. “Take back your data and turn it into art”. This app will get better, the algorithm will convey more and have more complexity. Just get started. !!