Am experimenting with a way to capture human pattern, quickly reconfigure, send it for free to your phone

I've started measuring people....well actually, I've started measuring their hands.  Everything imaginable, and while certain measures are genuinely based in science (2D:4D digit ratio).  Some bits are the origins of English measurements and trace back eons of time, other hand measurements creep into the mystical and are downright wacky. Have been reading about fingerprints, and relationship to personality traits. But....the basic plan is to use the hand measurements as a mechanism to measure the innate mathematical basis of the person -- to capture the pattern that matches the proportions and patterns of their brain.  Am working to measure, reconfigure on the fly and send the resulting  pattern to their phone.  Headed to the ITP summer program at NYU this week to start working on this. Am imagining the patterns can live in the digital and also the physical world.

Saw this pattern from Derek Chan on the blog at the Feltron Report, and felt the glow of possiblity...he's captures the proportions of the front page of the NY Times and reconfigures it using Processing.  It's a good one.