Why is this not data visualization? Show me the data.

I really hate it when people describe my work as data visualization. 

These are experiments to anticipate a future when art is simply the way we will consume data about ourselves... and the people around us. Art holds emotion and nuance, we can read it as pattern that explains the experience. The data is just an ingredient.

I imagine we will live in spaces filled with 'bumpy walls' with color and texture that tells us an ever changing story about ourselves. And the mesmerizing part of this will be how it will anticipate and predict for us, a type of time-travel into our future to give us a glimpse of what will come. Maybe biofabricated and grown or lasercut with tiny robots... the idea is that these will be easy to recycle and update all by themselves. 


But rarely do I show where the actual data originated, and how the work happens. Here is a presentation I pulled together for a meeting last week, and thought it was helpful enough to share.