Time is both squishy and stretchy

Leather, blocks and a little nail. Color coded by activity, and sized by duration. Time-use piece in development. You know who you are by where you are in TIME. When you get knocked out, and come to….the first thing the doctor asks is “what is your name” …and “what day is it?” Who you are and where you are in time is vital to your grasp of consciousness, your sense of self.

Time is sequential, ordered and related to what comes just before or after. It’s the one thing we have that is pretty-much free and simultaneously valuable. Even though we don’t let ourselves think about it….time for each of us is finite. Do we agonize, procrastinate or consciously think about how we spend our time?

I’ve been reading tons of physics books about time lately, and I’ve begun to consider how abstract the notion of time can be. What really is it? We measure and remember time from the activities we do in time. But time is squishy and stretchy, some things are tedious, boring and go on forever, or time slips by without notice.

We make split-second decisions about what we do now, next and then after that…how we spend our time must be a reflection of our basic nature.

Time_tracking_detail_smIt’s become so easy to track your time, I turned Moment on my iphone and know how often I touch the screen and how many minutes I looked at my phone today. Manictime on my laptop tracks every click, every website and app I use. Some days it’s scary how many hours I spent online when I thought I was making stuff in the studio all day. Think of everything else that tracks your time.... your car knows how fast you pressed on the gas pedal and every minute you drove today. The MTA pass, the security swipe at work, your front door probably knows when you walked into your apartment.

Time is measured, and we are so close to knowing exactly how we spent every minute of it. and we are so close to knowing exactly how we spent every minute of it.

If we are what we do, will tracking time help me understand who I am?