Evidence of non-conscious processing

Non-conscious processing exists. Watch the video -- stay til the end. Click here... Derren Brown -- Subliminal Advertising with explanation There is another video with different people, slightly different campaign, but the explanation is not quite as clear, I liked this one better.

Subliminal messages hit your brain and are processed when you need them. Crazy, huh?

If you consider the amount of words and images you encounter in a day, ad guys say it's over 5000 ad messages, and pile on all the other stuff you drive by, walk by, and surf by...it's positively bombarding that 'hunter-gatherer human brain' of yours. 150 years ago you would have seen a few signs in shop windows, maybe pick up a book, read a newspaper....don't you wonder where it's all going? How much can you absorb in a day?