I rebuilt my website ....completely

I knew I had to move on from my wordpress site when I read a few months back that google downgraded search results if your site was not 'mobile-responsive'. Ugh. After buying a couple of new wordpress themes and trying to pull off a simple upgrade, I bit the bullet and opened a trial account at Squarespace. I used them to build my FRICKbits site, so I knew what I had in store, yeah, yeah, yeah...it's easy, but not really. You have to change your mindset and work within narrow parameters. First I spent hours combing thru the templates. If anyone wants to have a drink and talk endlessly about the different options and tradeoffs...I'm game. There is a wonderful comparison chart from a woman who is up there with Mother Theresa in my view.

Then you begin the task of locating ALL your images in the original format to resize them, cause screens got larger and bandwidth faster. Now you really need to be 1500 px wide. Husband Mark said I kept tapping my feet about every 15 seconds as I worked on this for hours (and hours), anxiety ...ya think? Looking at images of your work, color correcting, photoshopping out electric plugs and cleaning up everysingle one is like working on photographs of your face. All you see are the problems. 

The big turning point came when I exported well over 5 years of blog posts and I think it all moved over flawlessly, but in reality I only looked at a couple pages. No tags, ah well. 

Work looks better if you edit it down, so I decided to toss a bunch of images. Seriously a bunch. Was like cleaning out my clothes closet, I got rid of lots, noone will ever miss them. I used to think I had to put lots of work up....like a shotgun blast, maybe it will hit a wider mark. Again, worked on this for a couple more days, it even made my stomach hurt a little. And if you go look, I doubt you'll notice what's gone. Then I decided not to worry about individual descriptions of materials and size....pswhew, who really cares? 

Yesterday I moved all the DNS servers over to squarespace and it's slowly propagating across the net. And jeez, that system is still in the original arcane language of the web, CNAME-whaaat? Now I'll fiddle for a week or so, and start to push it out in the world, if you stumble upon this...you'll know what I've been up to.